2019-2020 Season



UTAH STORYTELLING GUILD PRESENTS — September 19, 2019, Hosted by David F. Pack

Storytellers from the Utah Storytelling Guild will recount stories in the oral, or Bardic, tradition.  These stories come through the heart and mind of the teller in the moment as he or she interprets a story.  Prepare to be exhilarated, enchanted and engrossed in new and fascinating tales.  Utah Storytelling Guild Performers:

* Annie and Dan Eastmond
* Mary Louise Hughes
* Karl Behling
* Cassie Ashton
* Lora Schmidt

THE WENDIGO — October 17, 2019, By Algernon Blackwood, Directed by Kathleen Atkinson

An adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s macabre short story based on a native American legend.  Two Americans, Simpson, a divinity student and his uncle, Dr. Cathcart, author of a book on collective hallucination, are on a moose-hunting trip in Canada.  The hunting party of two guides, a cook, and the two clients travels into forested wilderness far north of any outposts of civilization when a frightful odor pervades their camp.  The things get stranger and stranger.

WAR OF THE WORLDS — November 21, 2019, By H.G. Wells, Directed by Gordon S. Jones

This classic Orson Welles thriller, based on his (almost) namesake H.G. Wells’ novel of the same name, was first broadcast in 1938.  B.P.R. will present this adaptation in its original format as a radio play.

A DIFFERENT DICKENS CHRISTMAS— December 19, 2019, By Charles Dickens, Adapted and Directed by Tobin Atkinson 

Charles Dickens’ beloved A Christmas Carol has been lifting holiday spirits around the world for over 175 years.  But, Dickens wrote several Yuletide tales.  This new adaptation brings one of his other heartwarming stories to life just in time for sleigh rides and St. Nick.

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE — January 16, 2020, By Joseph Kesseling, Hosted by Paul Emery

Let your “inner actor” come to life for our audience member reading of this timeless comedy written in 1939.  The story was inspired by events occurring in a boarding house in Connecticut where the landlady promised boarders a “lifetime of care” and then poisoned them for their pensions.  Come and read a role of your choice, enjoy, relax and best of all, LAUGH.

THE ODD COUPLE (Female Version) — February 20, 2020, By Neil Simon, Directed by Kathleen Atkinson

Uptight, obsessive-compulsive Felix Unger and easy-going, sloppy Oscar Madison transform into Florence and Olive in the female version of The Odd Couple, Neil Simon’s comedy classic about two totally unsuited roommates.  The plot remains the same with just a few variations, in addition to the gender change.  The weekly poker game becomes a cut-throat Trivial Pursuit night and the lovely Pigeon sisters are instead, the Costazuela brothers, recently arrived from Spain.  Their English language skills, or lack thereof, add to this comedic romp.

LIFE BEGINS ON OPENING DAY — March 19, 2020, Directed by Brad Nygren and Gary Pimentel

Some of America’s greatest literature includes romanticism and realism of our national pastime.  From its 19th century origins to the present, baseball continues to inspire many of our nation’s finest poets and essayists whose literary works often become classics.  Longfellow, Whitman, Hemingway and Roth use the game to express something fundamental about America, and to examine what the sport’s metaphors and images have to tell us about ourselves.

WHY I LIVE AT THE P.O. — April 16, 2020, By Eudora Welty, Adapted and Directed by Ron Frederickson

This most anthologized of Eudora Welty short stories is a comic masterpiece.  The narrator and protagonist, known by her family as “Sister,”  explains how she came to leave the family home in China Grove, Mississippi and move to the post office where she works.  In the process, she reveals her own character and a good many family secrets.

THE STILL ALARM — By George S. Kaufman, Directed by Gordon S. Jones 

This short play shows you how to keep cool when your hotel is on fire.

POETRY & PROSE POTLUCK — May 21 2020, Hosted by David F. Pack

Rather than food, members bring a short poem or prose piece, original or by a favored author, to read before an appreciative audience.  This evening is a perennial favorite.  At this event, talent is discovered and shared.  So, leave shyness at home and become a star.  Every member is eligible but time is limited.  Please, keep your piece to four minutes or less.